Wednesday, November 21, 2007

113A - B&W Rending

Number of Hours worked on this: Some 60-70+ hours.
Some detail shots. I really like how the pattern turned out and the little tassel strings.
Cameron Chun, our art instructor, was so nitpicky on every detail T__T;; I got a 91/100 I think. *emoes* Although that would make me want to try harder for the color part of this assignment, I''m feeling so lazy =w=;; Next, I'll post some color comps after we get it back.

Now onto Thanksgiving Break! Draw draw draw! (or for me, cg cg cg)


Lee said...

Wow, awesome Gem! 60/70 hours .. you can really tell you spent a lot of time on it! I love the patterns and textures the most too. You did them really well. You get a 100 in my book. (lol)

CoreyMill said...

- This really did turn out well, the details are really impressive. As lee said, you can tell you put in a lot of hours on it. I can't even imagine spending that much time on something like that.

Miss Lee said...

Sorry for the late reply. Haha yea, I got in because I waited to see if there was any space left over after the beginning people signed up for him. Me and few other "advanced" students were able to join. Goodluck putting your portfolio together for next semester! Start this winterbreak and don't stop sketching! :D

Anonymous said...