Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quick Head Study

Feeling incompetent...I came home and did a quick painting... Referenced from Richard Schmid's All Prima. Not quite the same...because I tend to have an ideal head and skin shading in mind. I need to really go for some heavier brush stroke as I go along.
Over the Winter Break I need to do some intense studying to prepare for my portfolio next semester! And also work on doujinshi ahead of time haha. Next I'll post my finished "B+/A-" B&W Rendering ORZ|||


Miss Lee said...

OOoo Hey Nancy! :D Didn't know you had a blog! Yay! Now I can stalk you too.. hehe :P

CoreyMill said...

That study turned out pretty well. But good luck on working out a painting style that you are more happy with! Changing the way you color/work is always really hard to do.

Chris said...

The face is looking great, I really like that expression somehow, there's quite a bit of personality in it
And good luck on your portfolio!