Saturday, October 6, 2007

113A - B&W Rending WIP

Painting assignment.... We had to shoot a photo, get it approved after several reshoots and transfer the outline onto a gray painted illustration board and try to render as closely possible to the photo.

Original photo:
Painting in progress with Acrylics. I have still 50% to go...Detail of the lace TAT;; Such a pain.

Tomorrow I need to spend all day doing this. Project due next week after this coming week @A@;;


Chris said...

Damn that's awesome! Amazing work there. And the detail! The painting looks so close to the original-- Keep it uppp

Patricia Puno said...

Amazinggg : O it's starting to look like the real photo! I wonder if your an A studet in that class or something :)

gem2niki said...

chris: thanks~ <3

patricia: haha.. I try to be one...but i'm starting to slack off >3

Lee said...

Wow .. I'm so sorry I haven't commented in so long! Great work!! Seriously, that ... photo looks like a hell of a lot of work. You pulled it off so well! I really admire your patience .. specially to paint.

CoreyMill said...

That is looking really nice! But, it also seems like busy work that I would hate doing and wouldn't feel like I was learning anything from.

p.s. Late comment is late