Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2005-2006 Representational/Life Drawing

OLDIES!! I miss figure drawing...Must draw more nudes!! *sounds pervy haha* But I've been too busy to attend the life drawing session T_T;;

Representational Drawing Spring 2005: Graphite

Representational Drawing Spring 2005: Charcoal

Beginning Illustration/ Fall 2006: Charcoal Rubout

Beginning Illustration/Figure Drawing Fall 2006: Charcoal Rubout

Beginning Illustration/Figure Drawing Fall 2006: Graphite & White Charcoal

I definitely need to practice more....I'll upload some work from last semester next.


Akashiro said...

What, skipping life drawing classe? D; Life drawing is so enjoyable~ I've just started as a grade 11 student. We're only doing quick scribbles and such, but it's awesome drawing nudes (nothing perv)! <33

Your two-tone sketches look awesome (and fun orz)~ I can't wait to get to it~

hiku said...

wow, your drawings are so gorgeous! still life and realism are so hard!! great job<3

Jen Zee said...

Soooo gorgeous Nancy! I'm so impressed <3 I especially love the 3rd one... It has that wonderful old-photo atmosphere to it :). TEACH ME XD!!!!

Chris said...

Ooh, nice work! I especially like the one with the tree. Awesome lighting and shadows there, makes the depth more believable.

Anonymous said...

lol. i'm stalking you all the way from DA, to FRoP Forums, to LiveJournal, and now this. XD

gem2niki said...

sunrise: oh noes. my personal stalker! XD

★MANGALOCA★ said...

OMG I wish I could take some of these classes... Gah. You need more practice?? " I " need more practice. XDD Lovely job on the shading and such. You have the wrinkles on the first picture down perfectly.

Jinny said...

Great classical work Nancy!! Your figure drawings are really solid. Improving so much in so little time XD

lol and thanks for the comment at my blog.. tho more american style can be fun to draw.. I'm not really sure if it's for me.. it has its challenges and difficult too, tho in a different way from anime style drawing. american/european style is more about shapes and caricaturization, while anime is more about aesthetic design with strong anatomy..

I'm still exploring what I like XD;; Thanks for the support Nancy <3 <3