Thursday, December 6, 2007

Painting Practice

Some acrylic paintings I did throughout 113A class.

Early Sunday, my art 113A class went landscape painting at Monte Belle, near Palo Alto. It was bloody windy like a Hurricane up on the hill. So basically I was freezing like hell, sitting on thorny grasses painting for an hour until I couldn't stand the coldness. My hand was sooo frozen. It was a fun experience for the first time...but next time if I go landscape painting, I'll go when the weather is nice. Maybe I'll go back and define the shape more.

Grayscale Master study of Wyeth's painting. My semi-first application of acrylic painting!
Another go at painting still life in class. Next time I should sit more closer to the subject matter for better detail. At this point, I am still not used to acrylics.
In here, I was taking a break from color grid (bloody hell i hate that project) and used the remaining paint to do something fun. Mostly complementary or analogous colors I think.. And it turned out to be Hikaru...and then Haruhi ^^;; Ah, I draw them waaaaaaay too much XD;;; Need to get back to oricharas that I've been igonoring... But still, love them!! Hikaru's dark hair suits him much better~ <3 I got better with the Haruhi after trying out Hikaru.

Painting with wet medium is fun~~ but I just really hate the cleaning part TAT;; Maybe I'll paint some more after this semester ends.


CoreyMill said...

Yeah, that Haruhi one probably turned out the best ^^ Painting really is a completely different language than drawing, and I don't know that I will ever truly get the hang of it myself.

Lee said...

Landscape painting seems interesting to try! I should attempt that sometime. For not being used to acrylics, I think you handled them well!