Thursday, January 24, 2008


Finally got my TekkonKinkreet Shiro/Kuro artbook!! So now that I have good reference... (well i wish it was better...) FANART!! I love the rough sketches in the Shiro side. I wish I had a more looser style.... Oh well. I still have a hard time believing Shiro is a boy....does that make Kuro/Shiro like a BL couple in fujoushi eyes? XD;;;;


まゆみ said...

Uwaaa cute!! (Is that pens?)

Shirooooo~~ I still have a hard time believing he's a boy too xD They're adorable though, in their kyoudai-thing.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to respond to your reply~! I favor Pilot 0.3 and 0.4 Hi-Tec-C pens now. They're waaay more durable than the Sakura Micron pens.

gem2niki said...

Mayu: It's just pencil XD;; I keep saying "she" when I refer to Shiro...

I tried using really suck @A@ for sketching;;; Ah...I must get Hi-tech! I asked some other students as well and they also use that pen *A*