Sunday, August 26, 2007

Watercolor study

Pulled out an Old Navy ad for reference. Sat down on the floor with my compact watercolor set and water-cartridge brush. Had "Transamerica" playing on the TV and went crazy with sketching and watercolor XD The other watercolor I worked on will be in my lj (for the meme request). It's quite fun to get away from digital stuff.

Studying fashion as I go...
*textures added


CoreyMill said...

I agree that it's nice to get away from digital work from time to time, but it definitely doesn't hurt when your traditional stuff turns out nice as well. A lot of the stuff I try doesn't turn out =__=

- I really like the look of these ^^

★MANGALOCA★ said...

OMG I love traditional media too. Watercolor is one of my faves to see and work with! Yours look awesome too. I really like the color schemes.