Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pre-August Art Dump

I guess I'll use blogspot for unfinished works and art studies done at school and free time. A bunch of artwork I've scrapped for practice.

Color study as shown in my oekaki board.
Lighting study and some different style attempt.

More color study with cool shadows.

And my attempt to mooch of of saka's style since I'm assisting him at work ;3


Tsengster said...

ooh hey welcome to blogspot! (well, not that i can offer much of a welcome, and not that you havent had the blogspot for a while already, but... :O lolll)
anyway, cool works, im happy to recognize a few. keep us updated! :)

child-prodigy said...

Awesome works! Blogspot and LJ can have the same content if you want it to be and as long as you have an account on Google, you're able to create numerous Blogspot accounts. It's handy having all these accounts.

Christine Peng said...

I've probably asked this before either on LJ or devART...but what brushes do you use for Painter?

Jinny said...

Yay~ I've added you too =)
I really like your Saka study ^^

gem2niki said...

christine: I use a custom acrylic ^^

★MANGALOCA★ said...

Wow! They all look gorgeous! I especially love the third one down's skin. ♥