Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zetsubou - Itoshiki-sensei

The beloved suicidal high school teacher~<3 Damn, I need to work on PRINTS!!!


Nicole said...

nancy's dirty with her dirty red pandas.


Nicole said...

by the way i didn't know you knew ro-ro [rosann yip].

gem2niki said...

Woman, stop harassing me D:<

How did you know that I know rosie? D:

Nicole said...

i'm friends with her sister amy. i was at their house and ro-ro asked if i knew you.

Chris said...

I love the color scheme!!
And wow, I saw episode one of that last year in Japanese club. There were some pretty ... disturbing scenes that required heavy censorship and I wonder how our generation of youngins are faring these days... ahaha

Anyway, hows life? Hope you're doing well and not having any suicidal thoughts like that teacher there !